PhD Theses

DOCTORAL THESES within the frame of SICD

Peter Okidi Lating / trained cluster facilitator
Hybrid E-learning for Rural Secondary Schools in Uganda, Co-evolution in Triple Helix Processes, 2009, PDF

Ellen Kalinga / trained cluster facilitator
Development of an Interactive e-Learning Management System (e-LMS) for Tanzanian Secondary Schools, 2010, PDF

Suzan Lujara / trained cluster facilitator
Development of e-Learning Content and Delivery for Self Learning Environment – Case of Selected Rural Secondary Schools in Tanzania, 2010, PDF

Fatuma Simba / trained cluster facilitator
Determination of Viable Connectivity Technology for e- Learning in Tanzania, Case Study of Rural Secondary Schools, 2012, PDF

Charles Otine / trained cluster facilitator
HIV Patient Monitoring Framework through Knowledge Engineering, 2012, PDF

Julius Ecuru / trained cluster facilitator
Unlocking Potentials of Innovation Systems in Low Resource Settings, 2013, PDF 

Joshua Mutambi / trained cluster facilitator
Open Innovation Incubators in Uganda, 2013, PDF

Tomas Kjellqvist
Biståndspolitikens motsägelser om kunskap och tekniköverföring – från konkret praktik till abstrakt policy (Contradictions on knowledge and technology transfer in the politics of Swedish Aid: From concrete practices to abstract policies), 2013, PDF

Carlos Acevedo / trained cluster facilitator
Developing Inclusive Innovation Processes and Co-Evolutionary University-Society Approaches in Bolivia, 2018, PDF

Linda Paxling
Transforming Technocultures: Feminist Technoscience, Critical Design Practices and Caring Imaginaries, 2019, PDF