PhD training

The PhD training within the SICD area of activities started at the PhD program Technoscience Studies at the faculty of technology, Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH), Sweden. The PhD students involved have either been active in the so called sandwich mode of the bilateral Sida programs in Uganda, Tanzania and Bolivia or been Swedish PhD students. The pioneers in the specific profile of Innovation System & Development within the PhD program Technoscience Studies come from Uganda. There have been PhD students active in the combination of the profiles Innovation System & Development and ICT & Development. The doctoral theses are listed below.


Peter Okidi Lating / trained cluster facilitator
Hybrid E-learning for Rural Secondary Schools in Uganda, Co-evolution in Triple Helix Processes, 2009
Doctoral thesis PDF

Julius Ecuru / trained cluster facilitator
Unlocking Potentials of Innovation Systems in Low Resource Settings, 2013
Doctoral thesis PDF 

Joshua Mutambi / trained cluster facilitator
Open Innovation Incubators in Uganda, 2013
Doctoral thesis PDF

Charles Otine / trained cluster facilitator
HIV Patient Monitoring Framework through Knowledge Engineering, 2012
Doctoral thesis PDF


Ellen Kalinga / trained cluster facilitator
Development of an Interactive e-Learning Management System (e-LMS) for Tanzanian Secondary Schools, 2010
Doctoral thesis PDF

Suzan Lujara / trained cluster facilitator
Development of e-Learning Content and Delivery for Self Learning Environment – Case of Selected Rural Secondary Schools in Tanzania, 2010
Doctoral thesis PDF

Fatuma Simba / trained cluster facilitator
Determination of Viable Connectivity Technology for e- Learning in Tanzania, Case Study of Rural Secondary Schools, 2012
Doctoral thesis PDF


Carlos Acevedo / trained cluster facilitator
Developing Inclusive Innovation Processes and Co-Evolutionary University-Society Approaches in Bolivia, 2018
Doctoral thesis PDF

Wendy Sanzetenea / trained cluster facilitator
Licentiate thesis, Fostering Inclusive Innovation Processes within Bolivian Cluster Initiative, 2021
Licentiate thesis PDF


Tomas Kjellqvist
Biståndspolitikens motsägelser om kunskap och tekniköverföring – från konkret praktik till abstrakt policy (Contradictions on knowledge and technology transfer in the politics of Swedish Aid: From concrete practices to abstract policies), 2013
Doctoral thesis PDF

Linda Paxling
Transforming Technocultures: Feminist Technoscience, Critical Design Practices and Caring Imaginaries, 2019
Doctoral thesis PDF